10 Tips To Maximize Your Event App Adoption


We don’t go online anymore … we live online. That’s why it’s only natural to see a spike in using mobile event apps nowadays as it gets your event closer than ever to your audience.

Challenge with event apps is that not all attendees are encouraged to download the event app, there are some friction elements preventing them from adoption.

The app size? Confusion about the purpose of having the app? Or not knowing that there is an app in the first place? Trust us, it happens! These and more stand between you and having the maximum adoption rate you want to achieve.

We compiled the best practices we learned throughout our journey with the 8,500 events that we served and we decided to share some of the easiest, most effective and always forgotten hacks to maximize your adoption rate for your event app.

We divided them into before and during the event. Here are the 10 hacks:

Before the event

  • Promote the app from the very beginning.  
    From the early bird stage, start communicating with your attendees on social media and other channels the value of having the app, and the stuff that they’re going to miss out if they don’t download the app. Show them the value of having the app instead of just asking them to download the app. 
  • Feature the app on the event’s main website.
    Organizers often forget to feature their app on the event’s official website, although it’s where most of the traffic for the event passes and it’s very crucial for attendees to see that the app is listed there and highlighted as the official app for the event. Use a clear call to action to download the app.
  • Send a dedicated newsletter for the app. Make it personal.
    Create a newsletter for your event subscribers and attendees, inviting them to download the event app. Mention how it will upgrade the event experience and the perks of having the app. Make it appear as a personal invitation, this usually works the best.
  • Invite speakers to use the app.
    Speakers are the most important asset to any event or conference. Utilize their influence circle by inviting them to be on the app which will automatically increase the app downloads from their fans and audience. The more speakers communicate on the app, the more valuable it becomes to your attendees.
    Bonus: Speakers love to know their sessions’ rating. Advise speakers to invite people to rate them on the app, which will drive up the app downloads and engagement.
  • Make the app a fundamental part of the event experience. Not optional.
    Ensure that the app is the main source of announcements and the live updated agenda version. In general, the more you include the app in your event experience the better it will perform in general and in downloads consequently.
  • Prepare activations that are digitally executed through the app.
    That’s a new concept that we’re experimenting with now, to create on ground activations for the organizers or sponsors that are executed through the app like a QR code that gives app users a discount at food trucks. Or certain in-app actions that grant them access to the VIP lounge. We’re going to roll this feature out soon. If you want to be one of the first to try it with us, let us know here.

During the event

  • Banners are good. Use them to showcase your app. 
    Work never end, exactly as promoting your event app. It should never stop if you want real results. Place banners and signage promoting the app on the walls, at the registration desk, around the networking areas, and inside halls. Even on the stage, mention the app and why attendees should download it.
  • On ground app support
    Often people head to ushers for help. What if you turned your ushers into adoption promotion machines. In most cases, all the info asked by attendees usually are already on the app. All you need to do is to direct the ushers to use the app to get this info then advise people to download the app to find out answers themselves. Simple as that!
  • Exclusive content on the event app
    One trick we learned and it works like magic every time, is to have exclusive content shared just on the app, be that a document, an E-book, link or QR code or whatever you can think of.
  • Fast registration track for app users
    Who likes to wait in line for registration? Exactly! No one. So why don’t you make a fast track for those who downloaded the app? Also, you can offer special exclusive perks at the venue or discounts only for app holders.

In a nutshell, one of the major goals of having an app for your event is to collect data that help you improve your event down the line and measure your ROI.

event app engagement cycle

This data comes from the engagement between attendees and the other elements on the App like the agenda, speakers, sponsors, etc. That’s why it only makes sense to put the effort to get as many attendees to use the app as you can.

We’d be happy to hear your tips and tricks to get even more downloads in the comments section below.

Also if you have further questions you can talk to our team now just by clicking here.

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