Introducing limited seats for events


We are excited to introduce limited seats for events, it’s a feature that many of you have requested in the last few months and we are very happy to launch it today. Now you can add the capacity of your event and apply limit on the number of tickets available at your event.


Our goal is to make it easier for anyone to create a beautiful event page, create online registration form and manage guests information to give event owners more control over their events. We support two types of tickets:

  • Manually approved tickets, where event owner filter applicants according to pre-defined criteria and only those who are approved will get their tickets. It’s perfect for limited seats events that target specific audience.
  • Automatically approved tickets, first come first serve, no criteria is applied to your guests list.

And today we are adding maximum number of seats, where the ticket will close automatically after reaching the limit.

Read more about our features for events here and start adding your event for free.

More and more features are coming soon .. Stay tuned!

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